Cricut Machine, Cartridges & Other tips

Thanks to CTMH Consultant Rachel Ventura for the use of this table

This is from my Great Grandmother upline and I thought it was so valuable that I wanted to share it with all of you.

Cricut Craft Room

If you haven’t tried out the Cricut Craft Room yet, you need to try it today. It allows you to design projects like you would on Design Studio or a Gypsy for free!

Here’s what you do:
Go to and click the Cricut Craft Room button on the top tool bar. It will take you to a page where it has buttons for a Desktop version and a Web version. You will want to choose the Desktop version and download the drivers and programs and save them to your computer, either Mac or PC. The Web version is one that you can access anywhere you have computer access and can design from there—you can’t cut your projects from here, but can save them and cut them later. This was pretty simple to do—I did it without assistance from one of my kids, so you know it has to be easy!

You will have access to the images from every cartridge that Cricut offers, and can even purchase and download other cartridges online—good marketing strategy on their part, right? There are even free images available that you won’t find anywhere else. You are able to email project designs to your friends and family! Remember that you can only cut from the cartridges that you own.

They have excellent video tutorials that I highly recommend watching. I had to help my daughter with her science fair display board last night and spent hours doing titles that would have only taken me minutes had I watched the videos first!  So, rather than trying to explain all of the in's and out's, just go watch the videos and learn how easy it is to create fabulous projects.  Here's the link

Using this program will help you to get the most from our Art Philosophy Cartridge and will help you to not waste cardstock on your projects, and we all know what a precious commodity our cardstock is these days!

Have a great week!
Diana Veenendaal
Team Leader of the Honey Bee Scrappers

Spray Pen Recipe

 Mix 4 drops of paint, 6 drops of re-inker, then fill with water to the 9th line from the bottom of the spray pen.


                  Stamp, DE & AP Cartridge Inventory List

 Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge: A fellow Close To My Heart Consultant has made a great document that lists out all of the stamp sets and Dimensional Elements that coordinate with the Art Philosophy  Cricut Cartridge. It also lists the Idea book, the product name and number and the page you can find it in the Idea book, as well as where you can find each image in the booklet. Thank You Lucy
Lucy Kelleher

          Cricut Mats            

When you get a brand new mat,they can be very sticky. Take your two hands and press all over the mat. The oil from your hands will help to the make the mat less sticky. Then take a scrap 12x12 piece of card stock. Place it on and off the mat  several times. This final step will even out the sticky and less sticky areas. Your mat has now been properly prepared for it's first time use.

When your Cricut mat is not longer sticky. Don't throw it out or buy a new one. Wash it in warm water with dish soap. I often use a scrub brush on it to get off all the paper fibers. Let it air dry, then cover with the clear film and it is ready to go again.

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