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  Layout Club 

  Everyone and anyone is welcomed!

When you RSVP, you will have the choice of making a two page layout or 2 -3 cards.   The projects are $6 You may also choose to do both cards and layout for $12 If you place and order of $25 or more, you get the project(s) for FREE.

How does it work

  • Option 1 : Attendees will get a Layout or Card Project to make for FREE, when they place a $25 Club order for  the month.  You name is on my hostess list and you will move up toward the top of the list each month with a qualifying order.
  • Option 2: Layout or Card project is $5.00 if you choose not to place a minimum club order that month.Your name will not move up the hostess list.
  • Option 3: Place an on-line or Phone order if you cannot attend that month. Your name will move up the hostess list. 
  1. Top person on the list collects all hostess rewards for that month, IE Card stock, Paper Packs, Inks, Re-inkers, Markers,  Blocks, My Acrylix Stamp sets, Workshop On The Go if we reach the minimum $150 in Club orders.
  2. Last month’s hostess rewards person rotates to bottom of list, next person in line moves up and so on.
  3. If you have no monthly order, you will stay in the same place on list. If on the second month in a row, you do not place and order, you will move to the bottom of the list.
  4. You can hold you spot if you opt to make the class project only. You will stay right were you are and not move to the bottom.
  5. You, your friends and relatives are always welcomed  to join in, as this is an open club each and every month.
 How do I join in:  RSVP by phone or email for either Cards or Layout project.If you still have questions feel free to contact me for additional help.

Club Game

1 Ticket - RSVP/Project Choice (Not only will you get a ticket you will also get a small gift on Club night for RSVP-ing
1 Ticket - Bringing your own Glue, Tape Runner and basic tools
1 Ticket - Talking to someone you don't know that well at Club
1 Ticket  - Bringing a friend to Club
1 Ticket - 1 hour of scrapbooking at home.
1 Ticket - Sending 2 cards in the mail
1 Ticket  - every $25 in Club orders
1 Ticket -  One two page Layout using up scraps or Three Cards using up scraps
1 Ticket - Using any embellishments on a card or Layout
1 Ticket  - bringing a simple snack to share
1 Ticket  - Positive/uplifting comment either about the Club project(s) itself or another's work. ( I will be listening and will  pass out tickets for this one  : ) 
1 Ticket  -  Sharing about yourself  and what's going on,with the group


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