Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am back from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My Mom,daughter Haley and I sometimes take mini vacations together. Especially when our boyscouts are gone on a high adventure. Maybe we should call our trips high adventures, too : ) Well, the Hawaii pictures are of my mother and MIL's recent trip. Yes, you read that right Mom and Mom in Law traveled together. It works out well for them as they both do not have partners to travel with. My father in Law is deceased, and my Dad hates to fly. Well, back to the pages, this is the Moon Doogie Workshop on the go. It has a lot of little Journey Journaling Spots tucked in. On Hawaii page I used them as a permanent (non-journaled) embellishment only, then later I had the thought that I should use them for real journaling and just tuck in place.

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