Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Cupcakes??

Take a look....I made these Valentine treats(cupcakes)out of empty candle jars, crimped card stock, ribbon, paper medallions and tooth picks. The candy was chocolate covered dried cherries in baggies! My family really didn't see cupcakes in my design...but I think they are still cute. I dislike throwing out empty candle glasses, and so I try to think of useful ways to recycle them.  Speaking of recycling, the two pink medallions were from a customer last Valentines day. She had a peppermint patty sandwiched  between them. I had saved  them to use on another project and this was perfect. So what do you think about this recycling project?  Have any of you ever recycled anything into one of your projects?? Please post, I would love hear your stories!

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