Friday, October 24, 2014

Glue, Paper, Scissors...a Scrapbookers Game

 I am sure my title reminds you of the childhood game called 'rock,paper,scissors'. I did this on purpose just for fun. In the game, scissors beats paper, paper beat  rock and rock beat scissors.  In the scrapbook version you win with all three, glue, paper, scissors (plus others) every time. These tools are needed to get your scrapbook pages to be and stay a lovely scrapbook page. Lets take a closer look.

glue dots- great  for ribbon,and embellishments, little dimension, cost $$
Liquid glue - paper to paper adhesion, cost $
Tape runner - fast, refillable, also good for paper to paper adhesion,cost $$
Foam tape - add dimension, sticky, cost $

Acid Free- acid can be added to paper to make it easier to write on. This same useful acid can eat away at your photos over time.
Lignin Free -  Lignin, a substance that occurs naturally in wood. Paper is made out of wood. Lignin helps make paper stronger, but it is biodegradable. Over time it breaks down, turns brittle and changes color.
Buffered.- an alkaline substance sometimes added to paper, to reduce the effect of the acid content.   Buffered paper will be safer for your memorabilia.

Basic-  scissors, paper trimmer. 
Extra tools -  punches,embossing folders,staplers,scoring boards, piercing tool, rulers, heat embossers.
There you go, a great list of ideas to get you gluing and cutting with your photo safe scrapbook paper. 
Next week my blog will be titled "The finish line", Page protectors and Albums for your completed scrapbook pages.

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